FAQS about changes to the 2019-20 premium process

When will I receive information about completing my 2019-20 employer remuneration return?

Information about completing your 2019-20 employer remuneration return will be sent to you in early July 2019. Most employers will receive this information via email.

When is my employer remuneration return due?

You can lodge your employer remuneration return between 3 July and 15 September 2019.

How can I provide feedback about the upcoming changes?

You are welcome to email any feedback to premium@rtwsa.com.

This is the first I have heard about the changes, why wasn’t I consulted?

We made significant efforts to reach as many employers as we could in October and November 2018 to seek feedback as we wanted to hear what people thought about the proposed changes. Emails were sent to all employers where we had a valid email address (over 40,000). We also informed relevant industry groups, provided information on our website, held information sessions and conducted surveys. The consultation period has closed, however you are welcome to email any feedback to premium@rtwsa.com.

How will ReturnToWorkSA calculate my premium for 2019/2020?

You will be able to choose between the current process (with remuneration estimates) and the new process (without remuneration estimates). Please refer to this letter regarding details on the changes (PDF, 102 KB).

What are the benefits of choosing to have my premium calculated using actual remuneration (new process)?

By choosing to have your premium calculated based on actual remuneration (new process, without estimates):

  • you will only need to provide the actual remuneration you paid your workers in the previous financial year
  • you will not need to provide estimated remuneration for the upcoming financial year, reducing the amount of information you need to provide and giving you more time to get on with running your business
  • ReturnToWorkSA will not adjust your premium at the end of the financial year – there is no extra bill or refund, providing you with certainty of your insurance costs
  • you will still receive the same workplace injury cover.

What happens if I choose to have my premium based on actual remuneration paid in the previous financial year, but then there are significant changes in my business?

If your business experiences financial hardship causing a significant decrease in remuneration, you can apply for a premium adjustment during the year.

If I choose to have my premium based on estimated remuneration, do I still need to provide actual remuneration?

You can choose to have your premium based on estimated remuneration if that better suits your business. You will need to provide the actual remuneration you paid your workers in 2018-19 AND the estimated remuneration you expect will be payable to your workers for 2019-20.

Can I change the way my premium is calculated?

During the period when you submit your remuneration information from July to mid-September, you can change between the current process (with remuneration estimates) and the new process (without remuneration estimates). After the closing date in mid-September you can’t change the way your premium is calculated for the 2019-20 financial year. You can make a different choice every year if you wish.

Will you adjust my premium for 2018-19 if I don’t provide an estimate for 2019-20?

To finalise your 2018/2019 premium, we will adjust your premium based on your actual remuneration for 2018/2019 as we have done previously.

What happens if I don’t provide my actual remuneration before the due date?

If you don’t provide remuneration by this date, it will be estimated by ReturnToWorkSA. The due date has however been extended to mid-September to provide you time to submit your remuneration data.

When do I pay my premium?

You will have the choice to pay in full in October or in 9 equal monthly instalments from October to June.

If I pay an instalment, then want to pay the remainder of the year in full, can I do this?


If I choose to pay by instalments, can I set up direct debit?

Yes, you can set up direct debit to ensure that your payments are made on time and without hassle. To set up direct debit complete the Direct debit request form (PDF, 83 KB).

If you are using the previous year’s actual remuneration, what industry rate will apply, last years or next years?

Using 2019-20 premium as an example:

Base premium = 2018-19 actual remuneration x 2019-20 industry rate.

If my premium is calculated on the remuneration I paid in the previous year based on the number of workers I had, and that number increased throughout the current year, will they all be covered?

Yes! The coverage will not be limited to the number of workers in the previous year.

How will ReturnToWorkSA calculate my premium for 2019-20 as I am a new employer?

ReturnToWorkSA will use the estimated remuneration as provided on your registration application. The following year and thereafter, you can choose between the two models.