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Return to work coordinator support service

Did you know that we offer a return to work coordinator support service at no cost to you?

We provide support and guidance to help you successfully perform your return to work coordinator role within your business.

The return to work coordinator support service includes:

  • phone, email or onsite support
  • skill-building workshops
  • access to self-paced e-learning modules, practical tools and resources.

Our employer education advisor can attend your workplace to provide tailored support and guidance to help you improve your procedures and tools for return to work.

They can also help you to maximise your impact in the workplace, assist with supervisor involvement in the return to work process and help you master your role and functions, including the steps that should be taken following a work injury and communication with others.

For further information on how we can help, contact us on 13 18 55 or email coordinators@rtwsa.com.

Return to work coordinator support service testimonials

“I recently moved from the UK and was slightly nervous about all the new processes and legislation I would have to get used to in my role. The training I have received has been great and the support from Elaine has been the most valuable. It is comforting to know that as an employer there is support out there.”

"I found the RTW coordinator certificate training excellent in every way and follow up by Elaine in particular to be extremely valuable in developing the RTW framework at my current employer."

"I would like to say that Elaine has been so supportive. She has guided me through this process which hasn't been easy especially as I have come into a case half way. I truly appreciate all the help and advice she has given me."