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Income support - claims made before 1 July 2015

People who were receiving weekly income support payments under the WorkCover scheme who transitioned to the Return to Work scheme on 1 July 2015 receive up to 104 weeks of income support, unless they are assessed as seriously injured*. This means that income support will end for a number of people on 28 June 2017.

If you haven’t been contacted by your case manager, we encourage you to speak to them as soon as possible. Your case manager can help you access a range of return to work services, such as job placement services to help you return to work. They can also refer you to our ReCONNECT program which is a free service that can help you transition to community services and support networks once your income support stops.

You will continue to receive financial support for reasonable medical treatment and related expenses for up to 12 months after your income support payments finish. Following this, some medical expenses will continue to be paid through your employer’s work injury insurance. These include preapproved surgery (where the request was submitted before 30 June 2016), therapeutic appliances and treatment services for some injury types as outlined in the Return to Work Act 2014.

Your case manager can answer any questions you have about your claim and the continuing support available to you.

*If you have been assessed with a whole person impairment of 30% or more (“seriously injured”) you will receive income support payments until retirement age and medical treatment for life. You can also access return to work services if you intend to return to work.

Are you an employer?

Weekly payment reimbursement requests (WPRRs) for payments to workers up to and including 27 June 2017 will be approved. WPRRs need to be submitted to your claims agent within 3 months of the period covered by an income support payment.

If you choose to (or in error) continue paying workers whose income support ends on 28 June 2017 after this date, any WPRRs submitted will not be eligible for reimbursement.

We recommend you contact your claims agent prior to 28 June 2017 to ensure that you do not make a payment in error.

Are you a medical practitioner or allied health provider?

Your patient’s treatment will continue to be funded by the Return to Work scheme for a further year after their income support ceases.

For further information about support available to your patient through the Scheme, please contact us on 13 18 55.  Alternatively, your patient’s case manager can answer any questions you have about the impact of these changes and the continued support available.