Graduated return to work plan

If you’re not able to return straight to your pre-injury duties following your workplace injury, you may need to return over a gradual period of time.

This is when a graduated return to work plan can be created.

A graduated return to work plan allows you to return to work on reduced hours or duties when you’re not able to return to your full pre-injury hours or duties initially.

Returning to work helps to maintain your work habits such as getting up to attend work, interacting with your co-workers, and keeping pace with changes and developments in your workplace.

A graduated return to work plan should include:

  • clearly defined goals and objectives
  • a well-structured and documented program outlining the specific duties and hours of work, and how and when it’s proposed these should be upgraded
  • exercise and rest breaks may be part of any program developed
  • the rules and responsibilities of all of the parties involved in the program should be clearly set out and described.

Who can create a graduated return to work plan?

  • Your treating doctor
  • An occupational therapist
  • A physiotherapist

Important: All graduated return to work plans must be signed off by a doctor.