Stop work related stress from taking a toll

Mental health conditions affect one in five Australians so it's possible there are people in your workplace who are experiencing conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Untreated mental health conditions have an impact on workplaces and individuals and the cost to Australian workplaces has been estimated at $11 billion per year, through reduced productivity, absenteeism and work injury claims.¹

Managing mental health risks at work

beyondblue has released a new free online interactive training module designed to help employers and employees address mental health risks in their workplace.

The training module, called Managing Mental Health Risks at Workcovers scenarios like unclear work roles, poor change management practices, stressful interactions with customers, workplace bullying and the stress that comes with regularly working extra hours.

It is available free on the Heads Up website and can also be downloaded by businesses and placed in their learning management systems.


People who are having a difficult time coping can utilise NewAccess, a free and confidential support program where specially trained and experienced coaches provide up to six free coaching sessions to help people tackle the day to day pressures of life.

Note: Since 1 July 2018 the NewAccess program is no longer available in South Australia.

Creating a mentally healthy workplace

There are a range of tools and resources available for small, medium and large businesses to assist you in creating a mentally healthy workplace.

¹ Heads Up, Creating a mentally healthy workplace: a guide for business leaders and managers, retrieved May 2017.