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Return to Work scheme success

Almost three years on from the introduction of the Return to Work scheme, the statistics are telling a compelling story on its success.

Scheme statistics infographic

At the commencement of the Act in July 2015, ReturnToWorkSA implemented a number of successful service innovations including:

  • telephone reporting instead of paper-based (80% of claims are currently reported by telephone)
  • early intervention, mobile claims management and a more personalised, face-to-face service model – there are around 100 mobile claims staff throughout Adelaide and the major regional population centres, with low average caseloads
  • a simpler premium system that incentivises injury prevention
  • more efficient processing of payments for claimants and providers.

ReturnToWorkSA has also since implemented an online payment portal for service providers and employers.

The Scheme is proving to be an effective and supportive work injury insurance and recovery and return to work system that is sustainable and affordable for South Australians, providing quality services and support to injured workers and employers.

  • Customer feedback is positive, with 80% of employers and workers rating service at 7/10 or higher, and 50% rating service at 9 or 10/10 in FY 2017/18.
  • Legal disputes are down 72%
  • Complaints are down 91%
  • The premium is the lowest it has ever been at 1.7%, which is a 38% reduction on rate of 2.75% under the old scheme.
  • Return to and remain at work rates at the end of November 2017 are at an all-time high:
    • 4 weeks 79% (73% in 2013-14)
    • 13 weeks 88% (81% in 2014-15)
    • 26 weeks 89% (85% in 2014-15)
    • 52 weeks 92% (88% in 2014-15)
  • Fast turn-around times on payments to employers, workers and providers:
    • 97% workers reimbursed within 14 days of receipts received
    • 99% of medical and allied health provider bills are paid within 30 day trading terms
    • 99% of employers wages expenses reimbursed within 30 day terms
  • Fast turn-around times on claim assessments – 90% of claims for physical injuries are assessed within 10 days

For more comprehensive statistics, view our Insurer Statistics report.

(Dispute data compares the total disputes from the new scheme for the period July 2015-December 2017 to the old scheme for the period July 2010-December 2012. Complaints data compares the period 1 July 2017-31 March 2018 to 1 July 2014-31 March 2015. Days are calendar days unless otherwise specified. Turnaround time data is for the period 1 July 2017-31 March 2018. Remain at and return to work rates are as at November 2017.)