Two people taking inside a room on a building site

ReSkilling people back to work

Our ReSkilling program is designed to help people with a workplace injury to maintain their existing skills or develop new skills while they recover from their injury. The program can also help people identify employment prospects if they need to seek different work.

The program has seen great results for people, as well as participating employers.

Concreter, David Tidswell was always a hands-on hard worker, however an injury to his back after more than 25 years in the job meant he wasn’t able to return to concreting.

David took part in the ReSkilling program where he was placed in a role at the Adelaide Training & Employment Centre’s Ottoway site.

ReSkilling Coordinator, Damien Brider said, “The project David worked on was the renovation of an older building, which suited David’s construction background perfectly.

“While David was working there he shone and a decision was made to employ him as the supervisor at our Lonsdale site.

“The arrangement worked out a treat for both of us. David has the broad range of skills to run and supervise a project, and he’s gone from injured to employed.”

David said “I arrived to complete light duties for a short time and I ended up scoring a job. I do miss being a concreter, but at least now I can teach someone else how to do it properly.”

If you would like to know more about our ReSkilling services please contact your claims agent or claims manager to discuss your suitability for referral to the ReSkilling program, or call us on 13 18 55.