Phone reporting for new claims and a faster, easier claims processing service introduced

As part of ReturnToWorkSA’s ongoing commitment to deliver better services to our customers, we’ve improved the claims process by making it faster and easier so we can all focus more time on achieving better recovery and return to work outcomes.

Our new injury reporting and claims service includes:

  • a claim form is no longer needed to start the claims process. Reporting an injury or starting a work injury claim is now as easy as calling 13 18 55 Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5:00pm
  • a new call back facility for people who want us to call them to report an injury or make a claim
  • less paperwork - for some claims a form won’t even be necessary
  • claims that won’t need intensive case management support can be processed on the spot (providing the employer and the person injured agree)
  • on-the-spot decisions made by case managers where possible (and all parties agree).

Workers of self-insured employers should speak to their employer about making a claim.

This new service complements the face-to-face support provided by our claims agents which is delivering more intensive and personalised support to the person injured and their employer.

More information about how to report an injury or make a claim is available on our Reporting an injury or making a claim page or by calling our Customer Service Centre on 13 18 55.