National Safe Work Month: A moment is all it takes

All Australians deserve to work in a safe and healthy environment and return to their families at the end of each work day. National Safe Work Month takes place each year in October to remind workers and employers to commit to safety.

This year’s theme is ‘A moment is all it takes’, which is a reminder that a safety incident can happen at any time. On the flip side of this, a moment’s thought about safety can help to reduce risks and prevent harm.

Last financial year more than 12,000 people had work injury claims in South Australia.

Take the time now to commit to building and providing a safe environment for your employees every single day of the year.

What can you do to keep improving safety in your workplace?

Here are our top five tips for engaging employees and improving safety in your workplace:

  • Workers do their job every day, so involve them in the safety planning process and listen to their views. Encourage and support ‘safety champions/leaders’ in the business who can provide input and be involved in safety initiatives.
  • Include health and safety as a standard item in staff meetings and discuss any hazards, risks and incidents that have occurred, as well as learnings from them.
  • Ensure there are regular reviews of all hazards and risks in your workplace and involve employees in what actions are needed to control these risks.
  • Include health and safety as part of all job and induction training.
  • Safety success starts at the top with a clear direction and support from senior management, so make Safe Work Month the opportunity for senior management to send a message to employees about the importance of health and safety.

For more information on knowing and improving your workplace risk, attend a Safe Work Month event this October.

Work injuries in South Australia. 12,328 claims received in FY 2017-18 resulting in total costs over $86m. Psychological injuries cost more - $23k per psychological injury claim vs $7k per physical injury claim. Work injuries by age: <20 – 5%, 20-29 – 24.2%, 30-39 – 19.8%, 40-49 – 21.4%, 50-59 – 20.8%, 60+ - 8.8%. Industries most at risk: manufacturing, construction, health care and social assistance. 72% of claimants are male, 28% of claimants are female. Claims by injury type: soft tissue injury -39%, laceration or wound – 24%, musculoskeletal and connective tissue – 14%. Data relates to registered employer claims for FY2017-18. Data as at 20 September 2018.