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Making a claim is quick and easy when you call our phone reporting service

Did you know that all injury notifications and claims can be made quickly and simply via our phone reporting service?

Our phone reporting service saves time, reduces paperwork and lets you focus on what’s important.

Earlier this year I lodged a claim for Peter* our worker over the phone and was answered by Jane. I wanted to commend the service she provided, she took all the details, explained clearly what she would be doing and followed through with her actions.

Since introducing the phone reporting service six months ago, we have almost halved the time it takes to determine a claim, which means that employer and worker benefits can start sooner. Moreover, our first mobile case management visits now happen five days sooner (on average), ensuring that those who need personalised, face-to-face support get it when they need it most.

When a work injury occurs, all you need to do is call 13 18 55 during business hours or request a call back via our website and we will help you do the rest.

My initial phone call was to Thomas - As this was the first time I have had to manage a work place injury he guided me through the process and was very helpful.

It only takes a few minutes to get started and we will make sure that before a claim is determined all parties have been contacted in relation to the claim. Where there is agreement between the employer, worker and case manager, our telephone reporting service also allows for claim decisions to be made immediately.

For more information about how to report an injury, give us a call on 13 18 55 or email

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our customers.