Host employers: how to do the right thing

Committing fraud increases the costs of running the Return to Work scheme, potentially driving up insurance premiums for employers doing the right thing. To-date we have uncovered $53.3m of under-declared remuneration and expect this figure to increase as further audits are conducted and intelligence is gathered.

You can do the right thing both as an employer and member of the broader South Australian business community by making sure you:

1. Maintain your Certificate of Registration (Currency)

If you operate a business in South Australia that employs workers, you will need to register for work injury insurance with us unless you fall within a limited category of exemptions. It's your responsibility to ensure that you're registered. Please contact us if you are not sure.

Once you are registered, you need to keep your details up to date by notifying us if:

  • your business activity changes
  • your contact details change
  • you add new locations or cancel existing locations
  • you are no longer employing workers in South Australia.

You can register, update your details and/or download your Certificate of Registration via our secure online services.

Failure to maintain your work injury insurance cover could result in fines or prosecution.

2. Submit accurate statements on time

Each year registered employers need to provide a reconciliation statement and remuneration return to help us to accurately calculate their insurance premium.

It is important that you provide an accurate estimate of your remuneration otherwise you may find yourself paying too much or not enough insurance premium.

You can submit your statements online via our secure online services or by calling 13 18 55.

Failure to submit accurate statements on time could result in a loading being applied to our estimate of your remuneration return and/or reconciliation statement.

3. Engage labour hire and subcontractors that are adequately insured for work injuries

If you engage subcontractors and/or labour hire companies, it is vital that you do proper due diligence on those companies otherwise you might be liable for underpaid or unpaid premiums and hefty fines.

You can check the registration status of your labour hire and subcontractors using our online employer lookup tool.

If you have difficulties finding a match, please email or call us on 13 18 55 for further assistance.