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Case study: Small business owner shares his experience of the new work injury claims service under the new Return to Work scheme

Under the new Return to Work scheme, we’re focused on improving the support and services provided to people injured at work and their employers. This includes providing faster access to personalised services and face-to-face support when needed.

Managing Director Jason Neave of The Distillery, an Adelaide-based digital creative services business, talks about his experience with the new face-to-face claims management service under the Return to Work scheme. He explains how his perceptions of what it was going to be like changed and his appreciation of the new services he and his worker received following a work injury.

When one of his star programmers developed tendinitis and was unable to work, Jason was unsure of what support would be available under his work injury insurance to help his employee recover and return to work. Having never made a claim previously, Jason assumed making a claim would be an onerous and difficult process.

After contacting his claims agent, Employers Mutual, Jason was surprised to receive a phone call that same day and an onsite visit from a mobile case manager within days. The case manager was able to help facilitate access to medical and occupational therapist services all aimed at helping his worker to recover and return to work.

Jason said that the level of service he received was extraordinary and that he was pleasantly surprised at how easy the process was. It was nothing like what he expected and he was glad to say his perceptions of how difficult it would be were proven wrong. The collaborative and personalised approach taken by the case manager helped his employee to recover their health while minimising disruption to Jason’s business.