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Benefits for helping people return to work; a win-win situation

The Re-employment Incentive Scheme for Employers (RISE) provides financial incentives for businesses to help people injured at work return to meaningful and ongoing employment.

Stephen Minnear of ACE Traffic Control employed Cliff through RISE. Cliff has now been employed for 12 months and is a valuable asset to the business.

“Cliff started off as a slightly experienced traffic controller and he’s ended up being one of our better ones”, said Stephen.

“Cliff’s averaged 40 hours a week, which is very good in this game.

“To achieve 40 hours a week consistent work is really good. It means he’s got a good income, we’ve got a good worker, so it works out for both of us.”

Stephen says “I’d certainly recommend other businesses have a look at RISE; it has potential, it gives everyone a fair chance. These people are looking for work and if they’re serious about it they’ll perform like we’ve had Cliff perform. He wanted work, he’s dedicated to his job. We’ve won, he’s won.”

Businesses that employ a person with a work injury through the RISE program will receive a range of benefits and support including:

  • reimbursement of 100% of gross wages for the first 4 weeks of employment, and 50% of gross wages for the following 22 weeks of employment
  • support from a case manager to ensure the transition into the new job is smooth for both the worker and the employer
  • payments to cover costs such as minor workplace modifications and equipment to assist the worker if needed.

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